online-volunteer with eco-jobs
You want to help young people to find a job fitting for them or help them in their growth/development/progress? Do you dream of realizing innovative and creative ideas on the internet and diversify the society? Maybe you are interested in international work, too? Self-organized working is surely nothing new for you and you know the worthiness/quality/value of it? And surely you want to involve people in environment protection and show them what they can do for that actively?

Then you’re just right in the eco-jobs-team! With you can make a contribution to create a better world and inspire others to do so. Own ideas and commitment are needed and thereby we want to feel and participate new developement in self-organized work/social entrepreneurship, web 2.0 and social involvement plus the new eco-lifestyle.

communicating, e-mailing, surfing,…
You surely have already figured out: is a website, so we’re moving online frequently.
In future we want to occur more in web 2.0, trying to join communities, blogging about eco-jobs or so.

active worldwide
We have partner-organizations, inland and abroad, which help us creating a Europe-wide range. E.g. a new Netherland-version of is arising.
Together with our European partners we organize meetings and exchange of volunteers.

Oekojobs was there
We inform about programms, actions and other interesting eco-happenings and -affairs, e.g. in the news-chart on With Typo3, the program we use, you can easily update to content –without any programming-skills!
Inspiring others
We consistently receive requests of young people who want to get involved with environmental work or of older people wishing to realign themselves ask us for help. This is where we try to give support and assistance.
Money ‘s also in demand
It’s clear that we need money for all that, so we receive different funding and create a business model at the moment- we’d be into showing you how that works ;-)

Get things going
Internet’s the one thing but personal contact still counts. We’re planning to offer an information programme for schools to inform about FÖJ but also about other volunteering services. These are - apart from the FSJ - often unknown and seen as a ‘last alternative’. We want to change that!! Thereby collaborations with other places of assignment are welcome and the offer in Lübeck is an example given in this region.
Further possibilities are given by job fairs on which we offer information, too. In connection with eco-jobs you can also visit events yourself and often the chance is given to get oekojobs into discussion and taking over the role of a referent is possible.
Apart from that there are chances to arrange seminars as well, with a focus selected by you.

Our office
The eco-jobs-office is in Lübeck, Germany. It’s situated really central
(central station within range of sight and 5 minutes to centre by bike) in the old firehouse.

If you’re interested and want more information feel free to send us a mail!
Organisation eco-jobs
Location eco-jobs office
Kind of job Online-Volunteering
subject area Environment, International project work, (Environmentel) education, Alternative living
Actividades Public relations, Education, Events / Seminars, International project work, Fund raising, Project management,
Media: Internet,
Computer: Internet
Offerings Possibility to conduct your own projects
Educations Education offered
Certificates Certificate, Confirmation of interships
Spoken Languages German, English
Payment no payment
Requirements Computer knowledge, Independent work
Requirements, other interested in WEB 2.0
Skills Computer: E-mail / Internet
Required languages German, English, French
Teilnahme Unkosten no
Job duration prior consultation
Gültigkeit der Stelle unlimited
please apply at
Contact persons
Jörn Hartje
Trenthorst 17a
23847 Westerau
0049 4539 181686