gardening, berrying, cooking, working in the cowstable, and lots more!!! You are interested?
Skrattåsen, this is the name of our farm in middelnorway. It is placed 2 hours north of Trondheim, which has an airport, close to a city called Steinkjer. The main focus of our farm is the milk production. In addition to that we grow vegetables, herbs and berrys/fruit in our own garden. Most of it for our own use but also to sell. A large area of the forest surrounding the farm belongs to us as well. We take care of it, get firewood from there and materials to build.
All year round we have young people as volunteers/helpers on our farm. After a while they become members of our big family. Together with all of them we achieved a lot! You are invited to become one of them, to visit us and get your own impression of the life at our farm!
From september on and throughout the whole year and over into the next year we could use your help. Besides the stabel work, garden work and renovating, we also cook for everyone everyday and there are many many other things to experience as well.
We are very much looking forward to hearing from you and maybe getting to know you soon!
We offer board and lodging.
Organisation Familie Hauffen
Location Farm
Kind of job internship
subject area Environment, Social engagement, Eco farming, Healthy nourishment / Consumers protection, Climate / air, Forest, Alternative living
Actividades Children and youth work, Craft, Building / Renovation, Cooking, Selling, Driving license, Farming / Agriculture / Gardening, Alternative energies, Social work, animal husbandry
Offerings Food, Accommodation, Working clothes, Own computer, Possibility to conduct your own projects
Educations Education offered
Certificates Certificate, Confirmation of interships
Spoken Languages German, English, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish
Payment no payment
Requirements Independent work
Requirements, other Motivation and interest
Skills none
Age limits 18 — 35
Start of job 12/10/2023 — 
Job duration unlimited
Gültigkeit der Stelle unlimited
please apply at
Contact persons
Fam. Hauffen
7717 Steinkjer