In a move for the environment!

Why eco-jobs?

To get involved with environment protection is 'in' again but where and for what can you get involved? Here it is eco-jobs giving you a central room for searches for voluntary sevices, jobs, work experiences, worccamps or voluntary involvement. Today the internet is the medium that young people use to inform themselves. An important role is taken by the central offers because they give the best possibility to compare. Not coincidentally there is one central ebay and not many small ones for the own homepage.
So put your offers into the eco-jobs-database or maybe you'll find your dream job in ecojobs...

the functions:


There are three ways of searching, one with keywords, one with a few selection criteria and the 'professional search' with many selection criteria. Additionally you can search on the frontpage, with choosing the country where the jobs are offered in on a map. If you have choosen the country like that a list appeares where you can choose an offer. After clicking on one you get a description of the offer (mostly with a photo). If given you can directly contact the organisation or serach on their website for more information. Additionally to that you can see information about the offering organisation and the location or see other offers of the choosen organisation.

putting offers into the database

Job offerers can directly put their data in online but have to register before.
After that you can one after the other put in the information about the organisation, contact person(s), location(s) and at the end about the offered job. It might look a bit complicated first but nearly everything can simply be clicked and the ground data don't have to be put in again with every new offered job. Especially nice is the fact that the entries can be completed, changed, renewed or canceled again and again so control over the data is given all the time!

eco-jobs news

In this topic we offer news about voluntary sevices, job offers, dates or new books. You can search in the archive also.


the whole ground data of the database are translated in three languages (German,English and French), more languages are possible without much work.
Thereby the given parts of the descriptions are mostly translated automatically.  The other content can simply be translated then. We think that with this also organisations from abroad can make entries more easier and we make allowance for the ones looking fo jobs abroad.
Changing between the languages is possible on each individual site.


We have collected useful information around the themes voluntary services, living and working abroad, application etc. This part is continuous adjusted and hold up to date.