Ecological Association
Ecological Association "Eko-Unia" was founded in 1994 in Gliwice. Eko-Unia is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with a mission to support sustainable development in Poland and in Europe. The Association fulfills its mission through active co-operation with other NGOs in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany; local communities; local, state and self-governments; academia, and other environmental stakeholders. The Association also encourages free exchange of information and promotes public participation in environmental decision-making.
The main goal of Eko-Unia is to support and implement civil initiatives in the area of environmental protection and sustainable development. Our organization realizes its goals by:
· running information and education programs;
· promoting initiatives that develop co-operation between NGOs, government and business in pro-ecological activities;
· undertaking concrete implementation activities aimed at the improvement of environment;
· running activities aimed at building and strengthening the civil society;
· running the campaigns and activities supporting the EU integration process and the partnership-based participation of the Polish society in the European Community.
Association "Eko-Unia" is a membership organization, having 50 members at the moment (living in Wroclaw, Gliwice, Katowice, Warsaw). The group of our team engaged in our activities consists of: volunteers (mainly students from Wroclaw university schools), young co-workers, organization' members, members of the board, school teachers. People from our team completed or are under completion University schools. They are highly motivated to study and learn in formal and non-formal way.
Target groups our organization generally works with:
· schoolgirls and schoolboys from Wroclaw and rural schools, also handicapped,
· students from Wroclaw schools,
· teachers of all school levels,
· handicapped people,
· farmers and rural populations,
· women,· local communities,
· small enterprises, especially in agricultural and tourist sectors,
· representatives of local government,
· PR people (press, radio, television).

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