Sunseed, Sorbas
Imagine a place......

Imagine a place where all people are aware about their impact on the environment, trying to minimize their ecological footprint. Imagine a place where people know a lot about different aspects of sustainability and love to share this knowledge with you. Imagine a place where people care a lot about the wellbeing of themselves and the beings around them, where community life and knowledge sharing is written in capital letters. Imagine a place, where people respect all this without being dogmatic. All this surrounded by a stunning nature under Andalucia's sun.

Sounds like an utopia place? It isn't! So dicover Sunseed now!
Organisation Sunseed Desert Technology
Bereich Fluss, Landwirtschaftliche Nutzfläche, Ländliche Umgebung,
Schutzstatus (nach IUCN): Natur-/Artenschutzgebiet
Adresse Sunseed, Sorbas
Apdo 9
04270 Sorbas, Almería
Telefon 0034 950 525 770
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