EVS project
The EVS project partly will take place in Wroclaw and partly in local rural surroundings - meadows, villages and small towns in our region. We also manage national projects with a need to visit other places in Poland (like Kraków, Poznan, Kolobrzeg, Ustka, Hel).
Our office is situated in the centre of Wroclaw, near the Main Square, which is the place of cultural meetings and events (for example the concerts, exhibitions, artistic performances the street artists and professional cultural events). The city of Wroclaw is an excellent example of a multicultural metropolis situated at the interface of ethnically diverse areas. The City lies by the river Odra in south-western Poland. The population is about 640 thousands people. Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. This friendly place is for foreigners because the population of Wroclaw consists with having very varied origin persons. It is one of the most attractive cities to live in Poland. It is well known academical center (around 130 thousands students) with rich cultural life and many new business activities. More information about the city you can find on the web-side:
Organisation Ecological Association
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